Standing Orders

A Standing Order is an annual commitment to an allocation of our wine. We find this to be the fairest option for allocating our wine. In particular for distributing Isle. Selling the wine by annual allocation is beneficial for us - we know what we are selling in advance, and can plan better around stock levels, deliver it to you on time, ensuring you receive it well before our mailing list and the general public.

The Standing Order is only available for our estate wines: Isle, and Intrigue.
These are due for release on August 1. An invoice will be sent for payment by June 1 and they will be delivered just prior to release in August.

We communicate first with our Standing Order customers; pre releases, museum offerings, special tastings and other events...but promise we only send news when we have some.

We know things change (If 2020 taught anyone anything...) so changing orders, or any other alteration or cancellation is easy to do each year prior to June 1. And in the event we cannot fill your order of course you will not be charged.

Standing Order form

Standing Order Commitment

Isle - Six Pack
RRP $540
Your Price $510
Isle - Magnum

2020 all allocated.

Expressions of interest for future releases.
RRP $250
Your Price $230
Intrigue - Six Pack
RRP $420
Your Price $390

Terms and Conditions

I understand that this is an ongoing annual commitment and that payment will be made June 1 with the wine being delivered in August each year.

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