The Standing Order

Due to popular demand and limited availability, we are excited to make available to you the standing order option.

This option provides you with a guaranteed* repeat order of each year’s release, saving you having to manually order each year.

Every year on April 1st we will automatically fill your order for the forthcoming August 1st release. This will ensure that you do not miss out on each vintage as standing orders will always be honoured before any other sales are made*.

A reminder email of your order will be sent mid-March so there is no ‘April fool’ surprise.

Of course, you always have the ability to cancel or alter your order as may be required, this is not a lock in contract. The main benefit you have is better pricing, and first allocation.

Sound good? We hope so.

If you wish to join up please make your selection from the options below, fill in your details and we’ll look after the rest.

*while we promise to make every effort to honour this we do recognise that sometimes life can go awry. In the tragic seasonal event of there being no wine available to fill the order we will of course make no sale to you.